Analysis of building materials market, demand and supply study allowing to determine production plans during development of business plan, reprofiling of enterprises products which have demand reduction trend, development and realization of activities for improvement of quality and reduction of production cost in the conditions of market competition.

Collection and analysis of the following information:

  1. The Republic’s demand for key types of building materials by categories of consumers and with breakdown to provinces;
  2. Production of key types of building materials by provinces;
  3. Available capacities by types of building materials and their loading;
  4. Export of building materials (quantities, countries, price);
  5. Import of building materials (quantities, countries, price);
  6. Import of raw materials, components for building materials with indication of price, quantities, country;
  7. Addressable program of construction projects with breakdown by provinces, with indication of capital construction, reconstruction by types of projects (one family houses, apartment buildings (large-panel building, brick building, cast-in-situ), social cultural and public buildings, industrial buildings, colleges and schools);
  8. Determination of enlarged specific costs of building materials by types of projects; Price dynamic study for key types of building materials by regions.

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