Press service

Шерметов Жамшид Каримберганович
Shermetov Jamshid Karimberganovich
Press Secretary of the Chairman of the Board - Advisor on Information Policy
+998 71 252 29 34
+998 71 255 77 07

Position of the information service (press office)
of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari»

I. General Provisions

Information Service association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» (hereinafter - the "Press Service") formed to coordinate work between association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and enterprises belonging to its composition, as well as structural units of the media and the public.

Press service operates in conjunction with the structural units of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» enterprises that are part of it, as well as public authorities, ministries, agencies and other bodies of the republic.

Information Service is guided by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions and other acts of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis, decrees, resolutions and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari».

II. The main objectives and directions of the press service

The main tasks of the press service are:

  • Participate in the formation and implementation of the information policy;
  • Information support of activity of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari», its departments, enterprises under the direct administration of it;
  • Preparation and prompt dissemination to the media official reports on the most important events of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari»;
  • Formation via the media of positive public opinion about the activities of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and its enterprises;
  • Informing national and international public about the activities of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and its enterprises through publications and television and radio programs, outreach and public relations, as well as the channels of domestic and foreign media;
  • Organization of operational cooperation with national and international media;
  • Development of contacts with information services and public relations services to foreign industry for the production of building materials.

III. Duties Spokesperson

1. Organization of press conferences, interviews and other meetings with representatives of the media;

2. Invitation to the media for reporting events with the participation of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and its enterprises;

3. Provide leadership performances of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» in the media;

4. Preparation and dissemination in the media of video, photo and audio materials associated with the activity of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and its enterprises;

5. Creating a network of Internet web resources association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» support and ensuring its effective functioning;

6. Preparation and participation in the distribution of news about events and activities for the website of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» in the Internet;

7. Periodic production and dissemination of communications (press releases, newsletters, surveys, etc.) for the media;

8. Preparations for the management of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» Reviews of publications and reports in the media, as well as information and analytical materials;

9. Providing independent advice to departments and enterprises of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» matters within the competence of the Information Service.

IV. Support for the operation of the press service

Press office for the implementation of its main tasks and functions has the right to:

  • To request and receive in the prescribed manner the necessary materials from the divisions of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and its enterprises necessary for the performance of its functions;
  • If necessary to attract, in consultation with the leadership of "Uzbuildmaterials" staff from other divisions of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» and its enterprises, experts for the tasks.
Information, documentation, legal, logistical and information services, as well as social and personal services carried out at the expense of association «O‘zsanoatqurilishmateriallari» or other means are not contrary to law.

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