Procedure for Complaints and Other Appeals of Citizens

Procedure for receipt of complaints and other appeals

REGULATION OF THE SERVICE: “Consideration of citizens' appeals”

1. Description (passport) of the Service

1.1. Name of the service

Consideration of citizens’ appeals addressed to the Joint Stock Company "Uzstroymaterialy".

1.2. Service Result

A result of consideration of the appeal and content of the decision shall be given in writing.

1.3. Agencies that provide services and places for obtaining forms.

Consideration of citizens’ appeals shall not require any forms or other documents; it is sufficient to comply with the requirements for applications in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

1.4. Legal framework

Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Regarding appeals of individuals and legal entities" No.ZRU-378 dated December 3, 2014.

1.5. Service Recipients

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan

1.6. Deadline for request

No deadline is established.

1.7. Time limit for execution

Proposals of citizens shall be considered within one month fr om the date of receipt, except for those proposals that require further review, which is communicated to the person who has made the proposal.

Applications and complaints shall be considered within one month fr om the date of receipt by the state bodies, public associations, enterprises, institutions and organizations that are required to resolve the issue on the merits, and applications not requiring further investigation and verification - not later than 15 days.

1.8. Time lim it for delivery of confirmation

The time lim it is not established.

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