Qayumov Alisher Gapirovich



O'zbekiston Respublikasi , Toshkent sh., Chilonzor tumani, Sugalli ota ko'ch., 3.




+99871 237 36 87

"Leading Force Company" FE has been manufacturing packaging products from polymer materials for more than 14 years, such as polypropylene bags (laminated, with valve and printing), PET preforms, and polyethylene caps for PET preforms. The company has long been a leader in the market of packaging products made of polymer materials.

Thanks to many years of experience in this field, our company produces only high-quality products. The basis of its activities is a policy aimed at the Buyer.

Successful activities of the company, on production development and international cooperation, are achieved through the work of a unified and reliable team of professionals. The management team of the company has a high level of knowledge in the field of management and business administration, it is able to solve problems of any complexity.

We offer polypropylene bags, PET preforms, as well as polyethylene caps for PET preforms in bulk of standard sizes, also we accept orders for individual production.

All our products are import-substituting and export-oriented, which contributes to the entry of a new step into the world market of packaging products.

Buy our products, you can by contacting the supply department of the company. Managers will calculate the cost of products, taking into account the required parameters of the Customer.

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