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General director
Deripalko Dmitriy Aleksandrovich



Uzbekistan, Bukhara region, Kagan city, street Konchilar 1




+99865 522-63-21

The enterprise was established in 1934 and was called Kagan Chemical Plant, then in 1957 it was renamed into the Building Materials Integrated Plant.

In 1972 it was renamed into the Bukhara Graphite-Gypsum Plant because joining with graphite mine.

In 1975 they launched bentonite shop producing milled bentonite. In 1977 the line plant was established. In 1994 the crushing and sorting shop for production of gypsum crushed stones was established.

The Bukhara Graphite-Gypsum Plant was the largest supplier of raw materials to the cement plants of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 1994 the factory was privatized and founded public joint-stock company.

Since 2000, Bukharastroymateriali and Bukharazheldormramor were reorganized and established a new enterprise – Bukharagips which possesses a gypsum quarry with calcium content of 90-100 %, lime quarry with activity 70 % of produced lime, ochre, graphite quarries.

Since 2006 Bukharagips was reorganized into the Uzbek-German joint venture Bukharagips Open Joint-Stock Company.

In October 2009 the enterprise started production of the four most popular gypsum-based dry building mixes: KNAUF-Rotband, KNAUF-Fugen, KNAUF-Perlfix and KNAUF-Satengips which quickly become popular in the building materials market not only in Uzbekistan but in the neighbouring countries. For the years of operation of the enterprise, the range of products was added with three items: KNAUF HF Start, KNAUF MP 75, KNAUF Rotband Finish.

Also the enterprise produces crushed gypsum stones for cement producers and building gypsum.

Production capacity:

  • 50 000 tons/year of gypsum-based dry building mixes;
  • 400 000 tons/year of crushed gypsum stones.

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