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2010103, Uzbekistan, Navoi region, Navoi, st. Navoi - 3




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Qizilqumsement JSC is located in 7-8 km to the south-west from Navoi city, Uzbekistan, and in 3 km to the south of the Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara highway.

Approved design production capacity of the three operating lines is 3 080 000 tons of cement per annum.

Terrain of the area is piedmont with slope in northward direction. Climate of the district is strongly continental, temperature variation is from –24 deg. C to +47 deg. C. The factory has its own raw material base: limestone quarry located in 7 km from the factory production site and shale quarry in 10 km. Limestone and shale are delivered from the quarries to the crushing section by large mine dump trucks. After crushing process, limestone and shale are transported to the factory by the main 5.5 km belt conveyor.

2300 employees work today at the enterprise. The first and second process lines with 6.4/7 m diameter 95 m long rotary kilns was commissioned in 1977 – 1978, and the third process line equipped with 4.5 m diameter 97.5 m long rotary kiln was commissioned in 1989.

Productive capacity of each rotary kiln is 3000 tons of clinker per day. Raw material workshop is equipped with eight raw material mills with diameter 4.2 m and length 1.0 m with air-pass separators, grinding workshop is equipped with seven cement mills with diameter of 4.0 m and length 13.5 m.

Portland cement production process consists of the following basic process operations:

  1. Mining of raw materials and delivery to the factory;
  2. Crushing, batching and grinding of raw materials;
  3. Preparation and correction of raw mix;
  4. Baking of mix (receiving clinker);
  5. Milling of clinker with admixtures (production of cement).

Delivered raw materials:

  • ash and slag, iron-bearing admixtures;
  • natural gypsum and burnt clay are used as additives to cement, which are also delivered from outside.

In 1996, the Haver cement bag packing machine was commissioned, as well as equipment for loading bags in wagons and trucks with production capacity 250 thousand tons of packed cement per annum.

In March 1998, the second cement packing line Mellers purchased under the Japanese Government grant, with capacity 250 thousand tons of packed cement per annum.

In 1998, the local mineral additive thermoactivation line with capacity 200 thousand tons per annum was designed, built and commissioned. This event enable to partially substitute previously imported cement additives.

In 2001 the enterprise developed the production of oil-well cement.

The following building materials are produced at the enterprise:

  • Portland cement, GOST 10178-85;
  • Sulfate-resistant portland cement, RST Uz 22266-94;
  • Oil-well portland cement, GOST-15.81-96;
  • Construction crushed stones, GOST 8267-97;
  • Wall concrete stones, GOST 6133-99;
  • Cement blocks for basement walls, RST Uz 778-97;
  • Concrete walkway slabs, RST Uz 712-96.

The Quality Management System has been introduced at the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO-9001:2000, which is certified by RWTUV No. 04100 20050368.

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