The joint venture «PANELPLAST», which started its activities in August 2008, is engaged in the production and sale of one of the most modern and multifunctional construction materials:

- wall and roof sandwich panels insulated with foam - one of the most modern and multi-functional building materials. Three-layer sandwich panel joint venture enterprise «PANELPLAST» are widely used in the construction of facilities for various applications, from industrial and office buildings to sports facilities, as well as the construction of service stations, car washes, warehouses, refrigerators, freezers, barns, poultry houses, hangars and terminals.

Sandwich panel joint venture enterprise «PANELPLAST» has excellent heat and sound insulation, as well as such important for walling qualities as mechanical strength, weather protection, earthquake resistance, durability and aesthetics. The low weight of building structures can significantly reduce the cost of transportation, foundation and installation.

- insulated facade elements Styrofoam "Teplofasad" - an economical and reliable way to create a facade.

Recently, Uzbekistan actively used technology of insulating decorative panels, cornices, columns, architraves, slopes, and other architectural decoration from foam. The surface decoration of facades of foam covered with a protective structure, which does not increase the weight of weight of products that, along with the ease of mounting makes them the most comfortable design element for construction compared to traditional materials.

- heat-insulating sheath pipe - shell of polystyrene.
Shell - a new and effective form of insulation for pipes, which is actively used in industrial and civil construction in developed countries. Shell when assembled form an integral heat-insulating sheath for pipelines transporting liquids and gases in the temperature range from -188 C to +85 C, in air and in underground communications.Pipes, insulated shell, less subject to corrosion, durability shielding increases to 10-25 years. Heat loss in the pipes are reduced in 2-3 times in comparison to the standard.

- "Regrind" (granulated polystyrene) foam or crushed - generated waste products from the production of polystyrene crushed to 2-7 mm fraction.This material is used as backfill quality and cheap insulation, cushioning bedding, as a bulk packaging to protect the goods from damage during shipping, storage, fragile articles, as an additive in the manufacture of lightweight wall panels made of concrete in the construction industry, the furniture industry, etc.

The plant is located in the Industrial Zone Sergeli Tashkent.All products are certified.

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