OJSC "Samarkandmramor"

Which is part of JSC "Uzstroymateriali" enterprise "Samarkandmramor" from December 18, 1976 is a state enterprise, and in 1994 it was transformed into Open Joint Stock Company (JSC) "Samarkandmramor".

JSC "Samarkandmramor" specializes in the production of marble, granite blocks, producing marble chips, plaster coms at existing fields marble Zarband, Jam, and granite Sevasay, Langar, gypsum Kungurtau. Marble blocks quarried marble quarries mechanized way, that is the modern Italian amazno-rope and bar cutting machine.

In 1999, in order to improve the quality and increase the production capacity acquired Italian production equipment for the production of marble blocks with a capacity of 12 thousand m2 per year. Granite blocks are mainly extracted by drilling and blasting method using DS (detonating cord) or with LDCs (non-explosive damaging agent).

Basic units that make up the company:

    DP "Zarmarmar"
    DP "Samgips"
    DP "Zhommarmar"
    DP "Marmarkurilish"

Marble and granite blocks mined is exported to the CIS countries, especially Tajikistan and Russia.

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