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Acting Chairman of the Management Board
Buriyev Akmal Ibragimovich



150900, Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana region, city Kuvasay, Independence Street, 2a.




0 373 373-38-23

«Quartz» Joint-Stock Company is one of the leading enterprises in Central Asia producing sheet colored, tinted and tempered glass, glass jars and bottles, operating since 1975. The products satisfies the demand of the domestic market and exported to many countries: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan and Afghanistan.

The enterprise has 5 main production shops and 9 auxiliary shops:

MVP section No. 1 – glass jars production shop. Container glassware is produced by melting batch of a given composition and formation of products from glass. Production capacity of the line is 219 million pcs. per annum.

MVP section No. 2 – glass bottles production shop. Container glassware is produced by melting batch of a given composition and formation of products from glass. Production capacity of the line is 33.6 million pcs. per annum.

MVP section No. 3 – glass bottles production shop. In 2005 the company launched the new line with use of Emhart equipment (Germany). Reconstruction will increase annual production capacity to 120 million units and improve the quality of products.

CPPS – float glass production shop. Built in 1996, the production is based on thermal forming of glass band on molten metal, which is the most modern and progressive glass production method. Capacity of the glass-melting furnace is 200 tons per day. In 2002, the production of float glass was reconstructed, with participation of Techint (Italy). Consequently, the line annual capacity grew to 10 million m2. Reconstruction allowed to increase production and improve the quality of glass.

Produced architectural and building glass of types M1, M2, M3 and M4 is used for glazing frames, stained glass, furniture and production of tempered glass for land transport vehicles. Glass is manufactured in sizes 800x1300 mm, 1300x1600 mm, 2000x3000 mm, and as agreed with customer. Glass thickness varies from 2 mm to 10 mm.

DSC – Dosing and mixing shop intended for processing of raw materials and batch preparation of given chemical composition and supplying it to the glass melting furnace.

Auxiliary shops

CMF – plant for metal molds, intended for manufacture of metal mold sets for glassware.

SZA – Station of protective atmospheres intended to produce nitrogen-hydrogen mixture of preset composition and characteristics, and then feeding it to the float glass production.

CUM – plant of packaging materials intended for making wooden boxes for packing of sheet glass.

CZL – central plant laboratory, which determines the correctness of preparation of charge, glass composition for production of glassware and float glass.

OTK – quality control department, which tests the products for compliance with regulatory document. The testing department of Quartz is accredited by the Gosstandart of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company has introduced and certified the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000. Furthermore, the company obtained official acknowledgement from the Certification Authority RW TUV (Germany) about the positive result of certification.

KIPiA – control and measuring instruments sections intended to control the production process providing new automatic control system.

The company has 4 transportation divisions:

  • railway (diesel locomotives);
  • automotive (trucks, cars, buses);
  • loading (electric loaders and motortrucks, forklifts);
  • small-scale mechanization section (tractors, truck cranes, road repair machinery).

The sources of raw materials for production are:

  • Soda ash – Uzbekistan;
  • Quartz sand – Uzbekistan;
  • Salt cake – Uzbekistan;
  • Feldspar – Uzbekistan;
  • Dolomite – Uzbekistan;
  • Limestone – Uzbekistan.

The products of Quartz JSC are exported to Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan

The company pays due attention to enterprise modernization and introduction of new product types.

For the purposes of production modernization, improvement of the quality and widening the range of products, in 2008 the company purchased and introduced new types of modern equipment, such as:

  • five-axis milling machining center, model МА-5В40 НЕ НААS;
  • universal grinding machine, Juhger model US-450;
  • ultrasonic cleaning, by Finnsonic, model MO 170 IV allowing to produce glassware mould sets of complex configurations with imprinting logos and precision parts.

In 2010 Quartz JSC mastered production of bronze glass colored in mass. Earlier such glass was imported into the country from China, Russia and Turkey, that caused high expenditures of foreign currency.

In connection with development of advanced types of equipment, in the recent years the enterprise achieved the capabilities of producing new kinds of high quality products. This resulted in obtaining the international awards Laurels of Glory and Golden Jaguar for impeccable reputation in business and high quality of products and services.

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