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Uzbekistan is the largest cement producer in the Central Asian region. The country’s six major cement factories produce more than nine million tons of finished products annually. In general, the cement production in the country over the past few years has increased several times.

The largest cement producers in Uzbekistan today are joint-stock companies Ahangarantsement, Kuvasaycement, Bekabadcement and Qizilqumsement. New production facilities are also being introduced, such as the Jizzakh cement plant and the launch of a new cement plant in the Sherabad district of the Surkhandarya region with a capacity of 1.5 million tons of cement per year.

Considering that the production of such an important building component as cement is energy-intensive enough, these industries constantly carry out projects for the reconstruction, modernization and implementation of modern energy-saving equipment, innovative technologies that affect production growth, cost reduction, and improved product quality.

Bekabadcement JSC is one of the first cement producers in Uzbekistan, which was launched in 1926. At the time of entry, the volume of output was 25 thousand tons of cement per year. The current annual production volume is 1.1 million tons of cement per year, as well as 750 thousand tons of cement clinker using the dry production method.

Bekabadcement JSC is a progressive company that is focused on the sustainable development of the enterprise, increasing energy efficiency by replacing outdated and energy-intensive equipment with modern and energy-efficient equipment.

Sustainable development of Bekabadcement JSC is the company's strategy aimed at meeting the needs of the Republic of Uzbekistan for high-quality cement products, new building materials with high value added, diversification, increasing energy efficiency of production and ensuring social security of the company's employees.

Today, Bekabadcement JSC has already involved advanced technologies for the production of cement, which make it possible to achieve an annual production volume of up to 1.1 million tons of finished products. Due to the construction of a modern clinker line, 750 thousand tons of cement clinker are also produced using the dry production method. This practice can significantly save fuel and energy resources, which, of course, is reflected in the indicators of reducing the cost of cement, because the production by the dry method requires 40% less natural gas. In addition, the competitiveness of the enterprise increases both in the domestic and foreign markets. At the beginning of the project, only 50% of the cement at the plant was produced by the dry method. Now this figure has reached 68 percent.

The most important priorities of the leadership of Bekabadcement JSC are such areas as improving energy efficiency, rational use of energy and increasing energy saving indicators through continuous improvement of production processes. To achieve these goals, it was decided to implement an energy management system (EMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001.

The plant participated in the World Bank pilot program for the implementation of an energy management system (EMS). As a result of the project implementation, the enterprise successfully conducted an international certification audit to ISO 50001 and confirmed the effectiveness of the system.

The ISO 50001 system gives the company:

● increase energy efficiency and competitiveness

● reduction of operating costs, energy intensity of products

● improving the practice of maintenance

● reduction of negative environmental impact

● the ability to fulfill the requirements of national legislation on energy efficiency

● improving the image of the enterprise, increasing its attractiveness for investment and innovation.

First, the company took measures for a comprehensive energy survey. In accordance with the results of the energy audit analysis, an enterprise energy efficiency improvement program has been created, consisting of a number of energy saving projects recommended for implementation.

For example, as part of a project to improve the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises, a silo farm complex consisting of 10 silos has been modernized. The project “Modernization of the loading unit of a torn stone on motor transport in a mountain quarry with the replacement of an electric excavator with a modern one” was implemented, thanks to which it was possible to achieve a reduction in electric power consumption by 169.41 kW / h, and also to eliminate downtime of the crushing and screening complex at the Balyklitau open-cast mine due to technical faults. The system of dosing of components when grinding cement on cement mills with the installation of automated belt weighing machines in the amount of 15 units has been upgraded. Replacement of energy-intensive plate feeders with weighing batchers allowed achieving a reduction in consumed electric power by 20.1 kW / h and improving the quality of the raw mix.

The projects “Modernization of the cement calibration system at Bekabadcement JSC, with the replacement of a packing machine with a capacity of 100 t / h” and “Modernization of the grinding department with the installation of a new cement mill, with a capacity of 75–100 t / h” are at the implementation stage; not only to improve energy efficiency, but also to improve the quality and increase the volume of products.

In addition, active work is underway to expand the range of products for projects:

● "Development of a career in the production of gravel-sand mixture and quartz sand (inert building materials)"

● "The organization of the production of elements of improvement on a cement basis (paving slabs, paving stones, curbs)"

● "Production and sale of ready-mixed concrete"

● “Modernization of the rotary kiln No. 1 using the“ wet ”method for the production of flux lime”.

Great attention is paid to the social side of life of workers, their families and citizens of Bekabad as a whole. So, in August of this year. completed the task of reconstructing the Youth Park in Bekabad. During the implementation of the tasks outlined, the park's infrastructure and engineering networks were completely upgraded: sewage networks and a new water supply system were installed, a water tower was installed, new pipes were laid, pedestrian zones were built, and tracks for a combined sports track were built. More than 200 employees of Bekabadcement JSC, who voluntarily participated in the construction, and about 600 people. from the involved contracting organizations contributed to the creation of the Youth Park - this is the name that was recommended by the head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his visit to our city on August 18 last year. On the area covering more than 20.5 hectares, a complete reconstruction and modernization was carried out, the youth park became modern and high-tech by equipping with modern equipment and attractions.

The capacity of the daily service park is up to 500 visitors throughout the year, modern landscape design patterns are used on its territory, all trees are preserved, moreover, new trees are planted and flower lawns arranged in the park, an amphitheater and fountains with color images are built on it, zones with bicycle and treadmills, rides, and other cultural facilities are laid. The park is focused on ensuring the availability of widespread demand of the population, especially young people, in high-quality, cultural and leisure services at the level of world standards. The implementation of the project contributes to the organization of high-quality cultural recreation for all citizens, and meaningful leisure of the city’s youth.

Structurally, the park is divided into several zones - central, sports, attraction and quiet. To unite people of different ages and, first of all, to attract adults, leisure in the park will be not only amusing, but also informational and educational. For lovers of quiet time - quiet areas for walks and rest, supporters of active recreation - tennis court, mini-football field equipped with showers. Applied building materials, equipment, equipment - all at the expense of Bekabadcement, he also made comfortable gazebos, installed a video surveillance system, in order to preserve it, the park is fenced. An additional access road from the highway will open to the park, which will solve the problem with parking up to 500 places.

The park has 17 rides, a children's railway, a children's autodrome, an amphitheater with 500 seats, playgrounds for children, gazebos for recreation, and sculptural compositions made by Bekabad sculptors are installed as a decoration for the park area. Near the entrance from the observation deck, one can observe the life of the park, see all the splendor of its illuminations and scenery.

In the new park, it will be interesting for everyone, both adults and young people, and children, because national holidays, mass performances, concert programs, exhibitions and forums, sports competitions, various artisan and sports circles and master classes and other events. Undoubtedly, the Youth Park will become one of the favorite attractions not only for the population of Bekabad, but also for its guests thanks to the workers of Bekabadcement JSC.

Makar Yakovlev,
General Director of JSC "Bekabadcement"

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