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There are many companies in our country that produce export-oriented building materials based on the latest technologies and innovative approaches. One of them is Pergament Quality Exclusive LLC. Non-woven vinyl wallpapers produced at this enterprise are a unique product not only in Uzbekistan, but in Central Asia. In the near future, the company intends to double production, as the commissioned production capacity of 2 million 640 thousand rolls per year covers only 10% of imports.

5 rolls of wallpaper per minute, this is how many products are produced by the company under the selected Suzane brand. It should be noted that in January-October of the current year, the enterprise produced products worth 39 billion soums with exports of 1.8 million dollars. Neighboring countries, Azerbaijan and India are the main buyers of high-quality products of Pergament Quality Exclusive LLC.

Currently, the company has launched production of over 140 different types of design, taking into account the use of wallpaper in both strict office design and residential apartments, hotels, restaurants and other applications. When developing new colors, the company's designers strive to take into account not only the history of our region with national ornaments, but also the modern European direction, which will ensure greater demand abroad.

“The width of the wallpaper is 53, 70, 160 centimeters,” says sales director Jahongir Rakhimjonov. - Taking into account the interests of our customers, we produce more wallpapers of 1.6 meters, as the most popular. There are a lot of wallpapers on the market. That is why every day we find out which areas we should learn, which increase the implementation.

In the construction, equipment and supply of raw materials for advanced technologies and equipment of the German company Albrich GmbH. About 9 million euros were invested, 6 million euros of which were covered by a bank loan.

The enterprise also works on the localization of 30-40% of raw materials and materials, as well as the production of related building materials.

Source: Press Service
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