Opening remarks at the Symposium "Earthquake-proof construction with the use of light steel structures"

Opening remarks at the Symposium "Earthquake-proof construction with the use of light steel structures"

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Dear participants of the International Symposium "Earthquake-proof construction with the use of light steel structure!"

On behalf of the organizers of the International Symposium – “Uzbuildmaterials” JSC and group Knauf CIS welcome you start.

Questions of security of citizens living conditions, particularly in seismic areas, are relevant.

We all remember the Tashkent earthquake of April 26, 1966 of the force more than 8 points (12 point scale MSK-64), which inflicted great material and moral harm.

As a result of the earthquake the central part of Tashkent was almost completely destroyed:

  • More than 2 million square meters of floor space;
  • 236 administrative buildings;
  • 700 objects of trade and public catering;
  • 185 245 medical and industrial buildings.

During 2.5 years (until December 1969) was more than 1,100 earthquakes from 2 to 7 points, causing anxiety and fear of the inhabitants of the city of Tashkent.

But the city has been completely restored with the help of all the republics of the Union for 3.5 years.

Measures have been taken to minimize the damage caused by the earthquake:

  • Improving the prediction of aftershocks, warning of the danger;
  • Adjustment of the seismic zoning;
  • To improve the methods for calculating seismic loads;
  • Development and implementation of design solutions in the construction of facilities that ensure the seismic resistance of buildings and structures.

The International Symposium on earthquake engineering is of great importance to ensure awareness of the work carried out, the results achieved in this area of ​​the symposium participants, the exchange of experience and I hope will contribute to further improvement of the Earthquake Engineering.

I wish the participants success in their creative activities and productive work at the International Symposium!

Thank you for attention!


Chairman of the Board

EM. Akramov

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