The dynamic development of the industry is a factor of economic growth throughout the country


On October 25, 2016, the construction industry of Uzbekistan confidently entered a cardinally new stage of its development, dictated by the requirements of the time. It was then that the Resolution of the head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev “On measures to further improve the organization of management of the construction materials industry of the republic” was issued, aimed at further developing the production of building materials, attracting foreign investment for modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of enterprises in the industry these are international corporate governance standards. The implementation of these goals and is included in the tasks of the formed joint-stock company O'zqurilishmateriallari.

The decisive role of the building materials industry is to create conditions for the dynamic development of the economy of the whole country. Over the past few years, large-scale construction of new and reconstruction of already existing industrial facilities, residential houses, educational institutions, medical institutions and other social facilities, where advanced architectural solutions and new high-tech building materials are used, have been launched in Uzbekistan. The relevance and strategic importance of expanding the production of building materials and establishing sustainable prices at the present stage is caused, among other things, by the construction of modern business centers Tashkent City and Samarkand City, Nurafshon, Tashkent International Airport, Tashkent Ring Road, Yunusabad metro line, overpasses, typical and service housing, houses for low-income families.

Experts estimate that the proportion of the cost of construction materials in the total valuation of all construction works reaches almost 60 percent. The intensive pace of construction further stimulates the development of the building materials industry. At the same time, the latter should be both quality and affordable.

Today, almost all types of building materials are produced in the republic. A vivid confirmation of the development of the domestic building materials industry is that 95% of the materials used in construction are produced in local enterprises. Their main products are cement, slate, asbestos-cement pipes, gypsum, lime, soft roofing, dry building mixtures, bitumen mastic, glassware, ceramic tiles, chipboard, waterproofing, non-metallic materials, marble, granite, etc., types of natural stones, wall materials, electrodes and others. At the same time, last year the production of more than 10 new types of import-substituting products was mastered.

Positive changes in the industry contribute to ensuring the durability of buildings being erected and accessibility for housing under construction. However, the reform of all spheres of activity dictates the need to upd ate and modernize the industry, sets new tasks for it. The current trends in the development of the industry include the production and use in the construction of energy-saving and earthquake-resistant innovative materials. The industry has huge reserves, professional, reasonable and effective use of which determines the future prospects of the development of the sphere.

Indicators of development of the production of building materials speak for themselves. So, in 2017, enterprises that are part of O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC produced industrial products in the amount of 3.5 trillion soums, while the growth rate compared to the previous year was 108 percent. The range of products manufactured in 2017 includes: cement - 7768 thousand tons or 102.2%, building glass - 12.8 million square meters. m or 100.7%, ceramic tiles - 3.1 million square meters. m or 2 times, ceramic sanitary ware - 54.6 thousand pcs. or 129.5%, lime - 69.4 thousand tons or 100%, building plaster - 154.6 thousand tons or 124.8%, wall materials - 74 million pcs. or 106.2% and others. According to the results of 2018, the volume of production of construction and industrial products is projected at 4.6 trillion soums. and a growth rate of 104 percent. For 9 months this year building materials worth more than 3.5 trillion soums have already been produced. The growth rate compared to the same period in 2017 amounted to 102.2 percent.

As in every area of ​​our country's economy, the industry continues to actively work on the timely and high-quality implementation of investment projects and attracting foreign direct investment. The presidential decree of August 1, 2018 “On measures to fundamentally improve the investment climate in the Republic of Uzbekistan” was an important step in supporting investors and creating conditions for their activities. Market relations and competition in the domestic and foreign markets require the diversification of production and development of new products when implementing investment projects. Thus, O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC develops “road maps”, defines specific terms and persons responsible for ensuring the implementation of investment projects. For each project, industry charts are approved.

In accordance with the Investment Program, approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 23, 2016, number PP-2697 in 2017, 13 projects were planned to be implemented with the equivalent amount of $ 72.4 million, incl. by attracting foreign investment and loans in the amount of 15.3 million dollars. USA. It was planned to commission 4 facilities at a cost of $ 38.1 million and the creation of 217 new jobs. As a result, $ 73.3 million was actually spent, which is 101.3% of the forecast. All 4 investment projects have been implemented:

● production of chipboard from the cotton stalks at PE Termiztaminoty in Surkhandarya region

● modernization of the technological line (stage III) at JSC Akhangarancement

● production of nonmetallic building materials of various fractions with a capacity of 60 thousand cubic meters. m per year in LLC Fruits Season Navoiy

● modernization of the secondary crushing system with the installation of medium-crushing cone crushers at JSC “Qizilqumsement”.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has repeatedly said that our main goal is to ensure the development of the country, the welfare of the people. For this, first of all, the economy must be competitive, and products are manufactured in our country. For this purpose, localization programs are being developed. Localization programs contribute to the development of cooperative relations between manufacturers, as a result, the quality and range of import-substituting, export-oriented products is expanding. According to the results of 2017, according to the localization program of O'zqurilishmateriallari, JSC, products were produced for 103.2 billion soums, which is 136.8% of the forecast. These are 9 items of goods: ceramic sanitary ware, cutting abrasive grinding wheels, composite fittings, electro brushes, caprolon products and ceramic facing tiles using a new technology - a 3D printer.

Due to the production of the nomenclature of its own products, previously imported and, thus, reducing imports, expanding the inter-branch industrial cooperation, savings in foreign currency funds amounted to more than $ 39.4 million (135.3% of the forecast figure).

In the current year O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC planned the implementation of 8 investment projects with the development of $ 120.3 million of capital investments, which is stipulated by Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 19, 2018 No. PP-3874 “On additional measures to accelerate the implementation of investment and infrastructure projects in 2018 –2019 years. According to the results of 9 months. In 2018, US $ 78.7 million was invested, which is 120.8% of the projected figure.

The localization program in 2018 was expected to produce products worth 132.5 billion soums. And this figure is reached - only 9 months. In 2018, products were produced at 115.9 billion soums, which is a 2.7 times increase to the forecast figure.

By Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 28, 2016 for number PP-2615 in 2016-2020. It is planned to implement 80 projects totaling $ 1.23 billion, including: own funds - $ 307.3 million, bank loans - $ 313.4 million, and attracted foreign investments - $ 609.4 million . In fact, in 2016, 37 projects were implemented for a total amount of $ 160.4 million, of which $ 93.6 million was own funds, $ 44.1 million was loan funds and $ 22.7 million USA - foreign investment. In 2017, 23 projects were implemented and $ 108.4 million was invested in capital investments. In order to fulfill the above instructions of the Government in 2018. O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC, it was necessary to implement 15 projects worth $ 207.3 million. In fact, over the past 9 months. 89.3% of the planned amount was utilized, which amounts to $ 185.1 million.

The increasing demand of the foreign market for the products of our enterprises is a real achievement. At the end of 2017, the export of construction materials amounted to $ 113.1 million. For 2018, exports are planned in the amount of $ 55 million. According to the results of 9 months. this year actual exports amounted to $ 40 million, or 100.4% of the forecast.

Work on the expansion of the nomenclature and export geography is actively continuing. In the current year the range of exported goods increased from 40 to 45 items. The updated list includes previously not exported types of plumbing and ceramic tile, asbestos products, cement, and architectural glass. A number of countries importing our products have replenished Tajikistan and Afghanistan. As part of establishing direct business contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation, samples of various building materials were sent to the large Pakistani company Bakhriya Town, samples of finishing stones to Belarusian enterprises, and basalt stone to companies in India.

In the Action Strategy for the five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017–2021. outlined new measures to stimulate the activities of domestic producers. Among the urgent tasks is the further increase of the competitiveness of the industry due to the intensification of construction, modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of enterprises; introducing a tough saving mode; a sharp reduction in production costs by rationalizing technological processes, reducing material consumption, energy intensity of production, and other measures.

Based on the technical audit carried out in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 22, 2016, number PP-2692 at the enterprises of O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC provides for the replacement and upgrade of 51 more modern and energy-efficient equipment. morally and physically obsolete equipment totaling over $ 9 million. In 2017, at 6 enterprises, at the expense of development of $ 9.8 million, 52 units were replaced and updated. equipment, in 2018 - update 35 units. equipment in the amount of 15.7 million dollars. USA. By October 1 of this year. 11 items equipment upgraded, the total cost of implemented projects for modernization and technical re-equipment amounted to 5.7 million USD.

In order to reduce the production costs of enterprises in the industry, consolidated parameters were adopted to reduce production costs by an average of 8.1% per year. In general, in 2017, O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC reduced the cost of production in the amount of 109.5 billion soums. due to the introduction of new efficient technologies, incl. energy and resource saving.

At the same time, pursuant to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 26, 2017 No. PP-3012 “On the Program of Measures for the Further Development of Renewable Energy, Improving Energy Efficiency in the Economy and Social Sector for 2017–2021,” organizational and technical measures were developed and agreed upon. measures to save fuel and energy resources. The target parameters for reducing the energy intensity of production were se t at 3.8 percent. Due to this, by the end of 2017, natural gas was saved in the amount of 27.6 million cubic meters. m, electricity - 27.9 million kW / h and petroleum products - 215.7 tons. In 2017, the reduction in energy intensity was achieved at the planned level.

The development of any field of activity depends on personnel. The policy of comprehensive support for the desire of young professionals to become better in their work, to introduce innovative ideas, projects and technologies and through this to create new jobs and ensure employment of the population is bearing fruit - the industry enterprises today employ highly qualified specialists with modern and progressive knowledge.

The indicators of job security are also increasing - in 2017, 1,467 people were employed, in 2018 it was planned to create 1,468 new jobs, incl. due to the implementation of investment programs - 178 jobs, the industry development program - 1213 jobs and home-based labor - 77 jobs. Over the past since the beginning of this year. 9 months 831 new jobs have been created, or 104.7% of the forecast figure.

Today, the building materials industry is recognized as one of the most promising and dynamically developing sectors of the economy, and its strengthening is part of the industrial development strategy of Uzbekistan.

Temur Mukhamedzhanov,
Deputy Chairman of the Board of O'zqurilishmateriallari JSC

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