Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Anything concerning the future of youth is of paramount importance

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Arts, literature and sports play a significant role in the lives of young people. In his address at Uzbekistan Youth Forum, the head of our state expounded on impending tasks for the development of these areas.

“Next year, we will widely celebrate the 580th birthday anniversary of our great ancestor Alisher Navoi. It is essential that we systematically engage young people into the literary works of Hazrat Navoi. Therefore, we should create adapted versions of his masterpieces, develop various software and mobile applications,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev suggested.

The President proposed that a modern library be built in Tashkent.

“That palace of enlightenment would be equipped with the latest scientific achievements and house the rarest, unique, the most valuable works we take pride in our country and the world. I am convinced the library will mirror our rich cultural heritage and glorify the names of great ancestors, prove to be a real beacon of knowledge for all our people, youth in particular,” the President pointed out.

Good news from the sports life of our country. The Olympic Council of Asia has decided that the city of Tashkent will host the Asian Youth Games 2025. In this contest, young athletes from 45 nations of the continent will compete in almost 20 types of sports.

“The fact that such prestigious international games will be held in Uzbekistan for the first time in our history certainly gives us all a sense of pleasure. In the meantime, it places a huge responsibility on us. That will be another great opportunity for you to show your abilities and skills, raise the flag of our Motherland high,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev told the representatives of the growing generation.

The President instructed the officials to hold that sports festival at a high organizational level, to arrange for district, town, regional and national championships, along with hokim cups in types included in the program of the Asian Games.

“An online platform, Healthy Lifestyle, is being created in order to secure physical and spiritual development of the younger generation, including the meaningful organization of their leisure time, their extensive engagement in mass sports. Health sidewalks are being delivered for walking and cycling,” the head of state noted.

In recent years, sports grounds organized in mahallas have become a favorite place for children and young people. The President noted that the efforts on this front will be continued. At the same time, measures are being taken to efficiently use school gyms outside of school hours.

The forum helped discuss openly the problems associated with the ethical enlightenment of youth. Various conflicts and confrontations, it was noted, have been mounting across the world, and that terrorism, extremism and other threats have deeply penetrated the internet space.

“In such difficult conditions, our youth should be responsive and vigilant, and in every issue and act they should proceed, first of all, from the interests of the Motherland. Such virtues as the pursuit of knowledge and the acquisition of professions, spiritual purity, respect for the family, for the elders, compassion for the younger, devotion to our values ​​are in the blood of our people from ancient times. We must not only preserve such a priceless legacy, but also enrich it and pass it on to future generations.

“Here I call on our dear parents, grandparents, teachers and mentors, representatives of the creative intelligentsia and the general public not to remain indifferent to this problem, but to intensify work on nurturing our children as mature individuals.

“No matter how difficult it might prove to be, today it is essential to find effective methods of upbringing, techniques that are suitable for us and in tune with modern trends. We ought to protect our kids from destructive and harmful ideas, crime, drug addiction, a mood of indifference and spiritual poverty. All of us and, first of all, our dear youth themselves should be active in countering such negative phenomena. Sure, you are able to preserve the spiritual prowess and enduring traditions of our people,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev insisted.

The President stressed in his speech that anything, any objective related to the future of our youth is of paramount importance.

“Working with youth should be the main task for all of us – from the President to the minister, from the hokim to the mahalla chairperson. The time has come for every mayor and governor, minister, mahalla chair to ask the question “What have I done for the youth today? What else can I do for our children tomorrow?” And this work should become an integral part of their daily activities.

“My dear children! Never forget that our people, our land are looking forward to outstanding achievements from you! It is the greatest happiness in the world to meet the nation’s high hopes and confidence, and to deserve it. I wish you to be among those luckiest to fulfill this mission with honor,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized at the end of his speech.

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