Wall materials


Bricks and stones are made by a way of moist pressing or plastic formation from clayey and siliceous (tripolite, diatomite) sedimentary rocks and industrial wastes (coal production and coal-concentrating ashes) and burnt in furnaces, are applied to laying stone and reinforced masonry external and internal walls of buildings and structures, and also for laying of foundations by solid bricks.

Polystyrene concrete

Polystyrene concrete - a type of lightweight concrete - is a composite material, which includes portland cement, a porous aggregate - granules of foamed polystyrene, water, and air entraining additive (SDO). If it is necessary to obtain heavy densities of polystyrene concrete, it may include mineral filler (sand). Due to the combination of heat-insulating material, which is polystyrene granules and concrete in one product, it was possible to obtain the optimal combination of characteristics for the building material - rotting resistance, hydrophobicity, the highest performance of bearing characteristics, thermal insulation, fire protection, sound absorption, frost resistance and freeze / thaw periods (service life) .

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