Asbestos-Cement Pipes

This type of product is made by forming in pipe forming machines, the main component of which is mineral filler – asbestos cemented into one monolithic body with cement glue.

In this case, in comparison with conventional metal pipes, asbestos-cement pipes have a number of advantages: lighter weight, cheaper, not subjected to destruction due to the corrosion resistance against electrical current, which often affects conventional metal pipes, also they are more resistant to the effect of saline water . Whereas, the friction of water on the wall of pipe is less than that of metal ones, which increases their capacity. It must be noted also the heat-protective ability of asbestos-cement pipe, which allows them to be laid on a less depth than cast-iron ones without risk of freezing.

Also asbestos-cement pipes (fre-flow) can be used to create sewage pipelines, chimneys and refuse chute in industrial and residential buildings, laying of various sewers and drains, conduits for electric and telephone communication cables, as posts for fences, etc.

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