Asbestos cement corrugated sheets

Asbestos cement corrugated sheets of mean profile 40/150-1750 – designed for roofing of residential, public and agricultural buildings and wall envelope of wall buildings. Quality, basic dimensions and tolerances conform to GOST 30340-95.

Asbestos cement is primarily a cement-based product where about 10-15% w/w of asbestos fibres are added to reinforce the cement.

As well as an insulation and fireproofing aid, asbestos cement was used due to the fact that it is weatherproof in that, although it will absorb moisture, the water does not pass through the product.

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an asbestos cement product and a low-density insulation board. Where the product has been used as a roofing or cladding product (open to the weather), you can be confident that the product is asbestos cement.

Manufacture of all low density products was stopped in the late 70’s; as they were not weather resistant, if they had been fixed outside they would have broken down long before now. If the material is moulded then it will be asbestos cement, as low-density products were not moulded, except as half rounds for pipe lagging.

The asbestos fibres in asbestos cement are found within the cement itself; the asbestos cement will have a cement-rich surface, and thus the fibres are contained.

The small quantities of fibres released during natural weathering of asbestos cement are unlikely to be dangerous.

However, significant – and possibly dangerous – amounts of fibres can be released if the cement is subject to any abrasive cleaning or working.

Thus, roofing operatives and those in other similar professions face increased risk from fibre exposure than any residents inside a building. It is important therefore that building owners keep a note of any asbestos containing products in their building and advises any contractors of their position, so that they can take the necessary precautions.

  • Residents of a building constructed from asbestos cement are quite safe.
  • Roofing operatives and other professions involved in working directly with asbestos cement should take the necessary precautions.

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