Dry Mixes

In the recent past, the concept of dry mixes existed more in theory than in practice. Today, the modern construction is difficult to imagine without use of these products. Dry mixes advantageously differ from conventional mortars and concrete, providing high productivity, culture and quality of construction works.

Compared with conventional mortars and concrete, dry construction mixes have a number of advantages, such as: minimum operations for preparation of dry mixes for use – it’s enough to dilute them in water, solutions waste reduction, good stability of composition of dry mixes due to precise dosing components and their effective stirring, and significant increase in productivity of builders work, as well as reduction of transport costs and improving the quality with reducing the complexity of processes.

Due to the above advantages and unique properties, dry mixes can be freely used in a variety of fields of construction.

It should also be noted that the main fields of application of dry mixes are: leveling of walls and ceilings, flooring, finishing works, masonry work, waterproofing, restoration works, etc.

There should only be mentioned that dry mixes are preferred for all consumer groups, from amateurs to professionals.

Mixes are safe for health, because, on the one hand, they do not contain harmful chemical substances, on the other hand, have such a quality as air conductivity. Finally, dry mixes are an optimal combination of high quality and affordable prices.

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