Pipe Thermal Insulation Jacket "SHELL"

Thermal insulation jacket for pipe "SHELL" is a new and effective type of insulation for pipes, which is widely applied in industrial and civil construction in developed countries.

JV PANELPLAST offers heat-insulating sheath pipe - shell of expanded polystyrene (foam) PSB-S grade 15 and 25 (GOST 15588-86). The product consists of two or more (depending on the pipe diameter) semi-cylinders / segment length of 2 meters and a thickness of 2 to 10 cm, which allows the most efficient and economical to perform insulation pipes. The shell is made with side interlocks like "tongue and groove", which are very tightly closed, providing a secure fit and prevent the formation of "cold joints". When assembled, Shell forms an integral heat-insulating sheath for pipelines transporting liquids and gases at a temperature range from – 188 C to +85 C, both in aerial and in underground communications. Shell can also be used on pipelines transporting product at higher temperature (up to 120 degrees). For this, as lining, mineral wool can be used in compacted form with thickness 2-3 cm. Shells can be applied both with outer covering (glass fabric, foil, poliizol, Bikrom, galvanized metal) or without covering. It’s possible to make heat insulation of pipelines without pre-laying of concrete trays, significantly reducing material costs.

The benefits of using the Shell:

  • Pipes insulated with Shell are less subject to corrosion, durability of heat insulation increases to 10-25 years;
  • Work for insulation by Shell is done several times faster than when using glass wool and other materials;
  • The possibility of applying corrosion protection of pipes in the preparation of the pipes to heat insulation.

The shell is easily assembled and disassembled without use of additional equipment and skills. Reusability, fast access to damaged section of the pipeline are possible.

Heat loss in pipes are reduced 2-3 times in comparison to the standard. The Shell does not require special protection. Shell absorbs very little water, which can only happen under the water pressure. Water absorption in 24 hours by volume is 0.5%. Expanded polystyrene has a high resistance to organic substances.

Insulation material is 100% dielectric. Full environmental safety. Expanded polystyrene does not rot, is not toxic, does not emit harmful substances.

Prefabricated structure of heat insulation consists of a set of semi-cylinders or polystyrene segments, which geometric sizes depend on pipe diameter, fastened to the pipe with tightening bands.

Dimensions of heat insulation products (Shell):

  • thickness 20 to 100 mm;
  • length 1000 to 2000 mm;
  • inner diameter 15 to 1023 mm.

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