Poliizol is a product that perfectly fulfills its primary function: to protect building against water. The results of laboratory tests and practical usage experience confirm the reliability and durability of Poliizol.

Poliizol is roofing and waterproofing material applied by melting, having rot-proof base (frame glass-fiber cloth), to which a high-quality SBS and APP-modified bitumen-polymer binder is applied. Polymers SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and APP (atactic polypropylene) provide the material with high physical and mechanical properties, providing long-term reliability of roof covering in a wide temperature range.

The material is intended for roofing of buildings and structures of various purpose and waterproofing of foundations, bridges and tunnels. Poliizol is used as a device for new roofs and repair of old roofs.

Poliizol is produced by ALES-POLIZOL SINTEZ LLC on the basis of heavy-duty frame glass-fiber cloth with double side polymer film coating – for waterproofing and lower layers of roof membrane (Poliizol TPP), or coated with a coarse grit – red, green or gray chips (Poliizol TKP) or with foil – for upper layer of roof membrane (Poliizol TFP).

Poliizol is applied by melting its surface with air torch burners in single layer during reconditioning of old flooring, and two layers during making new roof membrane, or overhaul. Temperature indicator is applied on the underside of the material – company logo, signaling of readiness of material to laying – to avoid underheating or overheating of the material. The structure of protective coating which meets the current architecture standards allows to use the material on visible areas of roof or waterproofing with no additional cost for exterior.

Poliizol is produced a width of 1000 mm and a length of 10 000 mm (with a layer thickness of 2 mm – 15000 mm). It is used for laying roof in industrial and civil construction, repair of roofing of various buildings, and for waterproofing of bridge spans and engineering structures such as ventilation shafts, swimming pools and basements. Ideally suitable to the climatic conditions of Central Asia.

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