Polypropylene Bags AD*STAR

The most important feature of packing is guarantee that packed material will be preserved to a maximum degree on the way from factory to end user. Robust fabric minimizes damages and rupture of bags. Characteristics of bags regulated in accordance with the content provide ideal protection of your valuable packed material. The key specifications and abilities to use AD*STAR bags are given below:

1. Shape, design, appearance.

Rectangular bottom gives a bag the shape of brick, that makes AD*STAR bag suitable for all manual and automatic methods of handling. Normally bags are made as valve bags, i.e. their shape is the same as of paper and film bags.

2. Moisture resistance and breathability.

Resistant to effect of water and moisture, bag retains its strength in any conditions – even resting on wet ground under rain or in high humidity air. Made of waterproof polypropylene, unlike paper, a bag will withstand all kinds of moisture.

3. Usage and transportation.

AD*STAR bags are used for cement, fertilizers, lime, fodder for animals, flour, sugar, rice, etc. AD*STAR bags are suitable for all manual and automatic filling and packing lines. When necessary, characteristics of bag can be adjusted in accordance with special requirements.

4. Economical and environment-friendly.

Small weight of AD*STAR bag compared to bags of plastic film or paper, weight 180 g and similar characteristics allows to save high-quality raw materials.

At the present time, the high-technology packing AD*STAR (valve packing of box type of polypropylene laminated bags) made under European standard using the technology of Austrian manufacturer Starlinger is produced by Uzbek-Swiss joint venture Leading Force Company being one of the four unique manufacturers among the CIS countries, and the only manufacturer of such type of packing in Uzbekistan.

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