Thermal insulation facade elements of EPS

Decorative elements of the facades of buildings were previously made by heavy elements – such as concrete, stone, plaster.

JV PANELPLAST offers a more cost-effective and reliable way to create the facade of polystyrene foam.

In the recent time, in Uzbekistan there is actively used the technology of manufacturing insulating decorative panels, cornices, columns, architraves, slopes, and other architectural decoration from foam. The surface decoration of facades of foam covered with a protective structure, which does not increase the weight of weight of products that, along with the ease of mounting makes them the most comfortable design element for construction compared to traditional materials. Plaster moldings has some major drawbacks - fragile, fragility, fear of rain. As well as the complexity of installation, the need for additional structural framing, a significant human factor. The decor of stone is durable, but building this gives "expensive" – the elements heavier and difficult to work with. The use of polystyrene for facade facing at present significantly reduces the cost of construction and thus saves time for construction.

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